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Complete Home Inspections Colorado, Wyoming

Our goal at Accurate Property Inspection is to provide our customers with the absolute best complete home inspections and insurance home inspection services in Colorado and Wyoming. We treat your time, money, and property as if they were our own! Accurate Property Inspection proudly serves Colorado and Wyoming communities with the finest home inspection services, stucco inspections, radon testing, mold inspection, lead base paint testing, and more.

Standard Buyer Home Inspection Service

The Colorado home inpection experts at Accurate Property Inspection will visually check and test all major systems and components of your next home to give you the confidence and peace of mind you need as a home buyer/owner.

Stucco Inspection Service

How important is it to inspect the stucco on your Colorado home? Consider, 98% of stucco is installed incorrectly.

Mold Inspection and Testing Service

Where do you find the most mold in a home? Accurate Property Inspection tests for mold in homes in Fort Collins, CO and throughout Colorado and Wyoming. Our mold inspection and testing services include air sampling, tape sampling and swab testing.

Radon Testing Service

EPA guidelines and other information on radon.

Insurance and Home Inspection Service Benefits

Pre-Listing Home Inspection

Having your Wyoming or Colorado home inspected before listing it for sale offers serveral benefits. Pre-listing home inspection helps reduce the risk of contract price by identifying unforeseen problems in your home before any paperwork is completed. A home inspection report can also help your Colorado or Wyoming home sell faster and for more money and can give the buyer the peace of mind they need to make a buying decision.

New Home Construction Inspection

Having an independent Colorado home inspector examine your home at every phase of new construction can help catch mistakes and flaws at a time when they can be easily corrected and paid for by your builder.

11th Month Inspection

Presenting a written third party home inspection report to your new home builder after the 11th month is a wise investment. The results of your new home inspection could save you thousands of dollars by identifying problems and mistakes in your home systems and construction while they're still covered by your new home buyers' warranty.

Annual Maintanence Inspection

An annual home maintenance inspection from certified Colorado home inspectors like Accurate Property Inspection provides you with a yearly look at your home, allowing you to save money by addressing minor maintenance issues before they turn into major problems.

Individual System Inspections

Certified individual home system inspections from Accurate Property Inspection can offer you peace of mind by addressing your speific areas of concern and testing your home's components for safety and serviceable conditions.

Expert Colorado Home Inspection and Reporting

If you review the standards of practice or regulations of home inspectors in Colorado and Wyoming you'll see that home inspectors ARE NOT LICENSED. Because the Colorado home inspection industry is a "buyer beware" market, it's in your best interest to know who you hire. After all, you'll be depending on your inspector's abilities and expertise to help you make an informed and confident home buying decision. Accurate Property Inspection has over 19 years of home inspection experience and has successfully performed more than 7,000 inspections in Colorado and Wyoming. Please do your research.

Accurate Property Inspection offers state of the art computerized inspection reports with color photos printed on-site as part of its complete home inspections and insurance home inspection services in Colorado and Wyoming. Concerned about mold in homes in Fort Collins CO? We're here to help!

Our expert Colorado home inpectors will provide you with knowledge and valuable information about the many different systems in your home. We educate all of our clients during each phase of the inspection process. So whether you are a buyer, seller, or a current homeowner, you'll receive an honest and unbiased opinion regarding the condition of your property.

Our inspectors have completed some of the industry’s most comprehensive training programs. We take pride in the fact that we have achieved certification designations that set us apart from many of our competitors in the Wyoming and Colorado home inspection industry.

Give us a call and experience the Accurate Property Inspection Difference... Where the Inspection is Just the Beginning.

Accurate Property Inspection will provide home buyers, sellers or homeowners with the professional home inspection you deserve.

Wonder why you need an inpection?

How to choose a
Qualified Home Inspector

What type of experience does the Inspector have?

What, if any, standard of practice do they base their inspections American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) or National Association of Home Inspectors (NAHI )? If another, how does it compare to the nationally recognized ASHI or NAHI standard in terms of proven and broad state-level acceptance?

Mold Testing, Stucco Certified, Radon Testing, ASHI Certified, 
90 Day Warranty, 200% Guarantee, Equipment that they carry

What source and level of training, experience and education do they have? Do they maintain continuing education?

How much time do they typically spend on an inspection? Do they provide/use additional Inspection techniques and tools?

Are they impartial (independent of anyone with a financial interest in the results except the client)?

How are their reports presented, organized and written? How much detail? Is it   prepared on site?   Do they include pictures, diagrams, etc.?

Do they carry liability and errors and omission ( E & O) Insurance?

Customer Satisfaction. Client referrals

Cheapest is not always Best – You Get What you Pay For in A Home Inspection!!!

How much is the fee and what is it based on? Is it competitive?

How important is this service to the home buying/selling investment? How do their qualifications measure up to the price?

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